Mordor 3 Starter Guide           Click Here to Play

Movement: You can move using WASD or clicking the map regions.
Moving off the edge will take you to the adjacent map.

Combat: Clicking the Search Button or the Center of the map will find creatures to fight. The strength of the creatures depends on the Tier of the map which is displayed in the top left stat panel.

Auto On/Off: When auto is OFF you will only encounter a single battle. When it's ON you will continue encountering battles or doing Trade Skills until the autos are depleted.

You can increase your total autos with Black Diamonds using the Upgrade Button
Global Auto's can also be upgraded with Souls at Armis Temple
Clicking Search during Auto's will reduce them to 1

Nodes: Hidden nodes are spread out across the land. They may contain treasure or trigger events. Some will activate when landing on the node while others may require by pressing a direction to search a wall or tree.
Nodes will reset every 4 hours

Bonus Exp: This can be obtained by killing Lurkers or from Node events. You will have a bonus pool of exp that will be applied when defeating creatures. It does not apply to Trade Skills.

You can obtain up to 20% of the Creatures Base Exp
Lurker Bonus: 5,000 + Total Lurkers killed / 4
Max Bonus Pool (Total Levels from all classes X 4)

Stat Panel: The Top Left corner contains all your Basic Stats. Clicking your name will bring up your profile in the bottom window where you can view detailed character information.

Profession is your current class. Each has it's own Level & Skills. You can change Professions at any time in the Guild Hall. (View Professions)

The T1 means it is a Tier 1 map. This dictates the difficulty of creatures and potential events. Every time you click search there is small chance you will find an event instead of combat. The event may be free items, special mobs, exchanges, and many others. As you progress the events will change in higher areas.

The bottom section contains your current attributes.

Attack  Physical Damage       Magic  Magic Damge
PDF  Physical Defense       MFD  Magic Defense
Accuracy  Melee Accuracy       Evasion  Melee Evasion
Focus  Magic Accuracy       Resistance  Magical Evasion

Tradeskills: These skills are for obtaining various Materials used in Upgrading and Crafting Potions.

Fusion Stones

The Mines can be found directly South of the Guild Hall. Walk up to the mines and click Begin Mining

As your Tradeskill level increases you will be able to obtain more resources. You may also find general items while trade skilling such as Treasure Chests & Black Diamonds.

Doren Leaf

Oil obtained from Gathering can be used to upgrade your equipment. The Doren Leaf is a ingrediant used for making potions.

You may recieve Milestone Benefits for many tasks in the game such as trade skills. To view your progress and the rewards click Info > Milestones.

Weapon & Armor:

Professions: The first objective is to select a starting Profession. The default is Explorer, but you are free to change any time at the Guild Hall. You can teleport to the Guild Hall using the main teleport link in the center menu. When you move your character to the entrance you will get a message to Enter the Guild Hall.

Growth Chart (Stats Per Level)

HP 17HP 13HP 15HP 16
Atk 1.6Atk .6Atk 1.1Atk 1.5
Mag .3Mag 1.4Mag 1.1Mag .6
PDF 1.4PDF .8PDF 1PDF 1.2
MDF .5MDF 1.2MDF 1MDF .7
Acy .6Acy .4Acy .6Acy .6
Eva .3Eva .4Eva .6Eva .6
Foc .4Foc .6Foc .6Foc .4
Res .4Res .6Res .6Res .4

HP 14HP 16HP 14HP 12
Atk 1.6Atk 1.2Atk 1.4Atk .3
Mag .4Mag .8Mag .6Mag 1.7
PDF 1.2PDF 1PDF 1.1PDF .6
MDF .8MDF 1MDF .9MDF 1.4
Acy .6Acy .5Acy .6Acy .4
Eva .7Eva .4Eva .6Eva .3
Foc .3Foc .5Foc .4Foc .6
Res .5Res .6Res .4Res .8

Each Profession has it's own set of Skills, Equipment and Special Perks. If you click on Upgrades then Weapon or Armor you will get a list of options to upgrade the equipment for that class. These upgrades typically require Metal or Oil which can be found at the Mine or Doren plant.

Skill Chart

(50) Smash (50) Heal (50) Slash (50) Death Grip
(200) Crush (200) Wound (200) Spark (200) Nightmare

(50) Shadow Stab (50) Precision (50) Backstab (50) Icebolt
(200) Strike (200) Bleed (200) Barrier

It is important to understand how a combination of profession affects your overall character build. To see all of your profession perks click the Info Button then Professions. All of the perks listed in this menu are active all the time. For example leveling a Cleric will increase your overall Focus (Ability to land magic attacks) and randomly regenerate health in battle based on your Cleric's Level.

----- Currency -----

Black Diamonds (BD): This the main Cash Shop Currency. You may purchase them through the main Cash Shop link or find them in game from Creatures, Nodes, Leveling Milestones, or Treasure Boxes.

You can spend them by clicking on Upgrades then Diamond. A list of options will be displayed with the pricing for each. The price of Auto's will gradually increase while most upgrade remain the same amount. There also options under the Sequential Upgrades.

Gold: This is the games main trading currency. Gold is essential for many upgrades.

Energy Crystals (EC): This is a secondary currency used for many specialy skills and upgrades.

Relics & Shards: Relic Artifacts can be found in your journey across the land. They may come from Creatures, Antique Treasure Chests, or special events. Ancient Relics are more powerful, but can not be upgraded. Normal Relics can be upgraded using Relic Shards. There is a maximum amount of Relics that can be equipped at once. This cap can be raised through Upgrades > Diamond > Max Relics.

Normal Relics

NameMax LvlBase CostDesc
Adventure2042Increase event rate in Madness
Alchemist1260Increase the effect of potions
Companion2040Increase Pet Exp
Divinity10110Divinity Activation (Heal)
Extension10145Increase Autos
Flight885Increase Chance to Flee
Linked8165Chance to add 60% of Pet Attack to Player
Protector1055Increase chance to attack pet
Synergy2080Increase Combat Stats for each player battling

Ancient Relics

SavageIncrease rate of Recharge +1
Survival+1,000 Pet HP/PDF/MDF

----- Global Events -----


These events may be triggered randomly by players hunting or doing trade skills. Sieges are open to all players. You will see a global message and a progress bar in combat when a siege begins. Some have a Winning/Losing condition while others will end when enough creatures are defeated. The creatures on a map may change during a siege so be cautious of hunting on Siege Maps.

Armis Siege

  • Stage 1
  • Tier 4+
  • Map Swamp 4, Armis
  • Objective 300 Kills

  • Stage 2
  • Tier 5+
  • Map Armis
  • Objective 400 Kills

Jendo Siege

  • Stage 1
  • Tier 8+
  • Map Jendo Entrance
  • Objective 250 Kills

  • Stage 2
  • Tier 8+
  • Map Jendo West
  • Objective: 400 Kills

  • Stage 3
  • Tier 9+
  • Map Jendo East
  • Objective: 500 Kills

Demonic Raid

  • Stage 1
  • Tier 17+
  • Map Lava Tower
  • Objective 2,000 Kills

Bloody Moon

The Bloody Moon is a Global event that can randomly occur during combat. While the event is active there is a chance to encounter "Bloody" creatures which are stronger than normal. Note: The Bloody Creatuers won't appear during normal Auto's (Turn auto off) for them to appear.

• Vampire Buff: This Buff can be obtained by fighting Bloody Creatures. This buff will steal health by the damage dealt each round. It can be used to take down creatures that may otherwise be a little to difficult.

Metallic Storm

The Metallic Storm is a Global event that can randomly occur or be activated by Storm Crystals. The following boosts apply while the Storm is active and you are Battling or doing Trade Skills.

  • 5% Chance to obtain an Energy Crystal
  • 25% Chance to activate Static Charge
  • Static Charge does 2X Dmg

Chamber of Madness

The chambers can be entered by dropping into the Pit in Higrow. This area is designed for active game play. Upon entering you will receive Insanity Level 1. The creatures strenght will increase with your Insanity Level. You can not use teleports while inside the Chambers. You must find an exit or die trying.

If you encounter a Chamber Demon flee immediately. The Demon has much higher health and will grow stronger every round.

----- Creatures -----

Lurkers: These are stronger than normal mobs, but grant more exp and higher drop rates. They are commonly found at set locations across the land. Every 4 hours a global message will appear resetting all the Lurkers.

Bosses: World Bosses are designed to be killed by multiple players, but it is possible to solo them. A Global Message will indicate when they arrive. They will not regenerate drained stats or health over time. When killed World Bosses typically grant a Global Exp Boost or other benefits. Server wide Boss upgrades are available at Armis Temple by donating Souls.

Boss Types:
(W) World Boss - Max Exp/Gold (Tier X12)
(V) Void Boss - Max Exp/Gold (Tier X20)
(M) Mega Boss - Max Exp/Gold (Tier X25)

Each round during a boss fight you will gain Exp/Gold according to the damage you do. The chart above shows the maximum you can receive. After a Boss is defeated everyone will gain a 30% stat boost for several battles. When a Mega Boss is defeated there may be additional global buffs.

Armis Temple: The following Boss Boosts can be gained by donating souls to Armis Temple.
Boss Chance - Increases the rate of Bosses Spawning
Boss Reward - Increases the amount of Exp & Gold earned
Boss Dmg - Increases the amount of dmg players do to bosses

Siege Mobs: These only spawn during sieges and are mildly stronger than the normal mobs surrounding the area.

Bloody Mobs: These spawn randomly during the Moon event if Auto's are turned OFF.

Dark Mobs: Using a Vial of Darkness will enter the Dark Realm where all basic creatues will turn Dark. Dark creatures have high HP, slightly higher stats and give a lot more Exp/Gold.

Tier Loot Table:
  • Common Chest 1+
  • Pet Food 2+
  • Energy Crystal 5+
  • Black Diamond 6+
  • Bronze Key 7+
  • Ethereal Stone 8+
  • Rare Chest Tier 9+
  • Storm Crystal 11+
  • Relic Shard 12+
  • Eva Coin 16+
  • Vial of Darkness 19+ (Dark)
  • Potion of Experience 23+

----- Treasure Boxes -----


These may be found from combat or trade skilling. You can view them by clicking Inventory then Treasure. They will always contain gold, but may contain a variety of other items.

Scaling Rewards (In addition to a random amount)
Gold (Total Combined Levels / 8)
Metal (Mining Level * 5)
Oil (Gathering Level * 5)

All About Pets

Your Best Friend: Pets will assist you during combat. They have their own levels, stats, and skills. Lower level pets won't be a huge aid, but as they level and become more proficient they will do more. Pets level faster than players helping them to catch up when you acquire new ones. You can also increase their Exp Rate by leveling the Knight profession or buying Pet Exp Boosts under Upgrades >> Diamond.

Acquiring Pets: Pet scrolls can be found from killing the corresponding creatures or Treasure Boxes. The Pet Scroll will be located in your Inventory under Scrolls. A scroll must be opened and successful in order to obtain the pet. The chance of success depends on the pet type and is displayed on the menu when opening them.

Pet Stage: Pet Food is used to increase the Stage of your pet. When you click on Pets it will show the amount required in parenthesis. Each Stage increases in cost, but grants an additional 2% boost to the Pets Base Stats.

Pet Sacrifice: If your pet isn't behaving or your simply an unsavory owner you may choose to Sacrifice your pet for food.
Beach Crawler (3)
Evil Hound (12)
Skeleton Captain (22)
Pet Level / 500
50% Return on Food used to Stage the Pet

Beach Crawler Growth Chart
HP: 7Attack: .9Magic: .7PDF: .8 MDF: .7Accuracy: .4
Evasion: .4Focus: .4Resistance: .4Location: Found in Tier 3 maps
Scratches100109% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 3) -- Activate 5%
Scorches320124% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 2) -- Activate 4%
Unity500Passive: Player gains 6% of Pets PDF
Vicious Claw940126% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 3) -- Activate 3%
Toughen1500Passive: Pet gains 7% PDF/MDF
Sting2200118% Atk -- 15% Chance (Infected 240% Atk) -- Activate 3%
Swiftness3500Passive: Pet gains 8% Acy

Evil Hound Growth Chart
HP: 8Attack: 1.1Magic: .5PDF: .9 MDF: .6Accuracy: .5
Evasion: .4Focus: .3Resistance: .4Location: Found in Tier 5 maps
Bites220111% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 3) -- Activate 5%
Gnaws450108% Atk -- 20% Chance (Flesh Wound 155% Atk)-- Activate 4%
Unity820Passive: Player gains 3% of Pets Atk
Gouge1250122% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl /3 ) -- Activate 3%
Growl1500Passive: Pet gains 13% MDF
Rabid Bite2200129% -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 4)-- Activate 3%
Howling Moon3700Passive: Pet gains 7% Acy

Skeleton Captain Growth Chart
HP: 6Attack: 1.2Magic: .8PDF: .7 MDF: .7Accuracy: .6
Evasion: .5Focus: .6Resistance: .5Location: Found in Tier 8 maps
Slices>250110% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl / 3) -- Activate 5%
Torments460139% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/2) -- Activate 4%
Unity800Passive: Player gains 6% of Pets Evasion
Wild Slash1400125% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3 ) -- Activate 3%
Mental Edge2000Passive: Pet gains 20% Mag
Stab2800115% -- 15% Chance (Puncture 275% Atk) Activate 3%
Madness3600Passive: Pet gains 8% Resistance

Harpy Demon Growth Chart
HP: 7Attack: 1Magic: 1.2PDF: .6 MDF: .7Accuracy: .5
Evasion: .7Focus: .6Resistance: .6Location: Found in Tier 13 maps
Scratch280111% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3) -- Activate 5%
Scream500122% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/2) -- Activate 4%
Unity900Passive: Player gains 3% of Pets Magic
Ice Arrow1600140% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3 ) -- Activate 3%
Perch2400Passive: Pet gains 4% Attack
Claw3200124% -- 15% Chance (Shred 212% Atk) Activate 3%
Stance4000Passive: Pet gains 4% PDF

Desert Cyclops Growth Chart
HP: 7Attack: 1Magic: .5PDF: 1 MDF: .8Accuracy: .5
Evasion: .2Focus: .4Resistance: .3Location: Found in Tier 16 maps
Smash300114% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3) -- Activate 5%
Pound620122% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/2) -- Activate 4%
Unity1200Passive: Player gains 7% of Pets PDF
Crush1800140% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3 ) -- Activate 3%
Regenerate2800Regenerates Player & Pets HP (Lvl/4) -- Activate 4%
Eye of Destruction3600140% Mag -- Activate 3%
Flex4400Passive: Pet gains 7% PDF

Fire Naga Growth Chart
HP: 6Attack: .3Magic: 1.3PDF: .5 MDF: .6Accuracy: .3
Evasion: .4Focus: .5Resistance: .5Location: Found in Tier 17 maps
Tail Whip32094% Atk -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3) -- Activate 5%
Flame700120% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/2) -- Activate 4%
Unity1200Passive: Player gains 3% of Pets Magic
Sear2200140% Mag -- Bonus Dmg (Lvl/3 ) -- Activate 3%
Firestream3200164% Mag -- Activate 3%
Blaze4100185% Mag -- Activate 3%
Recoil4400Passive: Pet gains 5% MDF

----- Prestige Levels -----

When a Profession reaches level 5,000+ it acquires the first Prestige Level. It is indicated by a Global Message along with a color change in the Stat Panel. The Prestige Bonus will only be active if your current profession meets the level requirments. All Prestige Level bonus's will stack together.

Prestige Rank 1 (Level 5,000+)
  • Gain an addition .1 to all stats for every level gained
  • +5,000 Max HP
  • +1 Exp for each creature tier
  • +2 Autos
  • +1% Time Slip

Prestige Rank 2 (Level 10,000+)
  • +15 Drop Rate
  • +5% Gold
  • +2 Autos
  • +300 Acy/Foc

Prestige Rank 3 (Level 20,000+)
  • +1 Second Duration to group effects
  • Increased Daily Rewards
    Purchase Bonus
  • Energy Crystals (15% Bonus)
  • Black Diamonds (10% Bonus)
  • Pet Food (1/$1)
  • Potion: Player Experience (1/$2)
  • Potion: Pet Experience (1/$2)

  • Global Bonus to everyone
  • 1H Global Double & Stamina ($10)
  • 2H Global Double & Stamina ($20)
  • 5H Global Double & Stamina ($50)
  • 12H Global Double & Stamina ($100)
  • 24H Global Double & Stamina ($200)


Special Titles can be obtained automatically while performing various actions such as Combat or Trade Skilling. You will receive a Global Message and an entry in your activity log when you acquire one. Many Titles have several Tiers along with specific boosts.

  • Click Info >> Achieved Titles
  • Desert Dweller (Tier 1)
  • +.5% Acy/Foc to Sand & Desert Creatures

  • Desert Explorer (Tier 2)
  • +1% Acy/Foc to Sand & Desert Creatures

In the example above the bonus is only applied when you are battling creatures in Sand or Desert areas. The background of the creatures name in battle will help determine the type of area.

Sand Creature

While you can acquire many different titles, higher Tier titles in the same category will replace lower ones. The chance of receiving a title will become more difficult as the Tier increases.


  • Charmed: A charmed Player or Pet may attack the Owner/Pet.
  • This ailment will end after the battle.

  • Curse: This ailment will reduce all combat stats by 15%.
  • This ailment will fade away over time.

  • Disease: A diseased player may randomly lose health and perform poorly in combat.
  • This ailment will fade away over time.

  • Petrify: A Pet afflicated with Petrification will not be able to perform any actions.
  • This can be cured with a Soften Potion created at the Potion Shop.

Metallic Storm

The Metallic Storm is a Global event that can randomly occur or be activated by Storm Crystals. The following boosts apply while the Storm is active and you are Battling or doing Trade Skills. The duration of the Storm may be upgraded by going to the Armis Temple and donating souls for it. There is a portal directly to the Armis Temple in the main teleport menu.

  • 5% Chance to obtain an Energy Crystal
  • +.5% Acy/Foc to Sand & Desert Creatures

  • Desert Explorer (Tier 2)
  • +1% Acy/Foc to Sand & Desert Creatures

Bloody Moon

The Bloody Moon is a Global event that will randomly occur.

While the event is active there is a chance to encounter "Bloody" creatures which are stronger than normal.

The Bloody Creatuers won't appear during normal Auto's (Turn auto off) for them to appear.

5 Special nodes will be available during the event. These nodes will activate upon the start of the event.

• Vampire Buff: This Buff can be obtained by fighting Bloody Creatures. This buff will steal health by the damage dealt each round. It can be used to take down creatures that may otherwise be a little to difficult.

Armis Siege

Armis siege is ideal for newer players. You will see a global message when the siege begins. At this point new creatures will spawn on the following maps: Swamp 4 & Armis. You can teleport directly to Armis using the teleport button located in the center menu. In this first stage 300 creatures must be defeated which will trigger the second stage. The second stage requires you to be on the Armis map and will spawn slightly stronger creatures.

• Winning: The siege is on a timer. If all stages are completed within the time frame everyone in the game will be rewarded for the victory. There may be various rewards such a a global bonus to exp/gold.

• Losing: If the creatures are not defeated quickly enough the orcs will overrun the Temple and no bonus will be applied.

Vial of Darkness

The Bloody Moon is a Global event that can randomly occur during combat. While the event is active there is a chance to encounter "Bloody" creatures which are stronger than normal. Note: The Bloody Creatuers won't appear during normal Auto's (Turn auto off) for them to appear.

August 2019 Updates

Fix: Drops should be functioning properly during the Demonic Siege .
Fix: Rage skill should calculate correctly for upgrades.

July 2019 Updates

4th of July: Fireworks can be found from both Battling & Trade skilling during the 4th of July event.

April 2019 Updates

Armis Revision: Several minor display fixes and increased effect of various upgrades.
Madness Expansion: Several new maps are available in Madness
Powerful Creatures: Tier 23 & 24 are now available in Madness
Fix: The Armis Levels will update properly when you donate enough souls (Won't need to re-enter the building to refresh).
Fix: The Global amount of Souls donated will display properly when donating over the amount required for the next level.

March 2019 Updates

Fountain Changes: Increased chance of positive effects along with a new effect Ruthless
Pet Skill have been revised:
Tab Info: Ongoing events will be displayed in the Browser Tab. (Limited to 1)
Void: The Rine Beast & Spirit Lord have returned. The Void may not also branch off into different objectives.
New Skill: Rally: Buff to increase your Pets stats for 40 seconds .
New Upgrade Category: Shared: This will contain upgrades that affect all professsions such as Rage, Fury, Rally.
Fix: The Pet Level Up notification will change colors correctly according to the set increment.

February 2019 Updates

The Void:The Journey through the Void has drastically changed.
Quest Log:View the Quest Log for assistance through the Void.
Solo Void:The solo portion of the Void has been removed.
Omen Display: The requirement for the next bonus will be displayed on the Dark Omen Bar in battle.
Omen Goal: A 3rd level goal has been added to the Dark Omen event.
Boss Storm: New bosses have been detected across the land.
Legendary: The Legendary menu under info has been revised and now includes the Boss Type.
Title Revamp: Obtained Titles will always be active. Stat Titles will increase your base stats.
Title Extension: All Titles have been expanded to level 20. (Except TS 12)
Title Revision: Titles are limited to 1 stat/purpose.
Title Addition: Title Addition: Siege & Beast Titles are now obtainable.
Title Remastered: The Title Menu has been updated/recoded.
Diamond Upgrade: Refine Weapon will increase your base Attack/Magic by 1 pt per Weapon Upgrade obtained
Diamond Upgrade: Tailor Weapon will increase your base Accuracy/Focs by 1 pt per Weapon Upgrade obtained
New Global: AP Boost will add +4 AP when a skill is activated.
Dark Omen Rewards: 40 Points: 50% Chance for either 15 minutes of AP Boost or Mastery.
Dark Omen Rewards: 60 Points: 10 Minutes of double.
Bonus Exp Cap: The max bonus exp is now 12x your Total Levels.
Ninja Skill: Ghost Strike is now available at level 1,200.
NPC: Povamish can be found in the Hills 1 (SW of the Guild Hall).
Dark Omen Stage 1: The Dark Omen event will occur randomly like a Siege. Special Mobs will spawn to players that accept this event at the Altar of Dimensions.
Global Boost: A new Mastery Boost can be activated by killing enough Special creatures during the Dark Omen event.
Diamond Upgrade: Relic Max, increases the amount of Relics that can be equipped at once.
Relic: Synergy: Increases your base stats vs Bosses by .04% Per level multiplied by the amount battling. (20% Max)
Relic: Adventure: Increases the chance to encounter an event in Madness.
Battle Mastery: The rate at which Mastery stat points are gained from combat has increased.
Madness: Overall, Events will occur more often in Madness.
Kill Milestone: The reward for kills has been changed to add an HP bonus to all professions.

January 2019 Updates

Promo: A new promo for Black Diamond purchases is available via the Promo link.
Pet Potion: Pet Exp Potions are now available in the Diamond Upgrades along with various in game rewards.
Fountain: 2 Additional Status effects can be obtained from Madness Fountains.
Downgrade Option: When this Global Toggle is on you can downgrade/refund class skills.
Mastery: Disarm has been added it will help with traps.
Madness Event: You may encounter floor traps in Madness.
Madness Event: A new T15 Lurker is wondering about in the Madness Realm.
Mastery Menu: The Mastery Menu has been recoded.
Thief Bleed: Magic now grants a damage bonus instead of attack.
Alchemy: This Mastery now has various boosts depending on the potion type.
Inventory Doren Leaf, Pet Exp Potion, Healing Potions are now displayed in the main inventory.
Fix: Thief Bleed skill duration and interaction with other skills has been corrected.
Fix: The Rage BD upgrades displayed 25 Black Diamonds. The correct amount of 10 was always deducted, the desc is now corrected.

November 2018 Updates

Relic Drops: Relics may be obtained from combat/tradeskilling.

October 2018 Updates

Change: All Blood Moon nodes .
Halloween Event: Halloween creatures may spawn with increased HP and Double Base Exp/Gold
Blood Moon: The Bloody Moon event now has it's own set of nodes.
New Creatures: Several special creatures where added for the Blood Moon Nodes
2 New Maps: Inside the Underground Passage
Lava Crossing: Description added when crossing the hidden path in Brimstone
Eden: Descriptions have been added to 2 hidden pathways in Eden.
New Ninja Combo: Shadowstab > Cloak - Increases the duration of Cloak

September 2018 Updates

New Skill: Knight - Guard (Buff)
New Skill: Explorer Ravage (Pet Buff)
New Skill: Cleric - Wrath (Dmg)
New Skill: Barbarian - Blood Rage (Buff)
New Upgrade: Rage skill can now be enhanced
New: Level 1,200+ Skills have a base of +2 AP

August 2018 Updates

New: Additional status effects can be obtained from Fountains
Change: Enhanced Skill upgrade Menu.
Change: Skill Upgrades will only appear if you meet the class level requirements.
Change: The Exp Skill now grants .2% Base Exp per upgrade
Skill Change: Infiltration bonus reduced. (Change to increase Skill dmg)
Fix: The Not assigned message on skills should no longer appear

July 2018 Updates

New: Madness T17+ Event, Medusa Lair (5 New Maps).
New: 2 Open World Maps
New: New fountain node for lower players
New: Additional Creature Skills.
New: Weapon Upgrades now drop from hunting creatures.
New: Tradeskills have been added under Guide > Basics.
Change: Wizard Barrier now applies the effect Feeble instead of Regen
Fix: Skills will not be displayed unless you meet the level requirement

June 2018 Updates

New: Relics are now available from Antique Chests.

May 2018 Updates

Change: Cleric Passive Regen is renamed Divinity to not be confused with the Regen Effect.

April 2018 Updates

New: Savior: Level 1,200 Paladin skill added
New: Level requirement hover text added to all skills
New: 2 New Events are available inside the Madness Realm
New: Savage is now available in the Pet upgrade menu
New: Early Summer Promo Started
New: 3 Easter Egg Nodes are now permanent regular nodes
New: Additional text has been added throughout the land to help guide players when discovering hidden areas or bosses
New: Savage Skill added for Pets
Change: Static Charge/Savage are now activated manually when the charge bar is full
Change: Static Charge/Savage can be activated along side regular skills

February 2018 Updates

Combat Update: Changed Effects when using skills.
  • Blind: Lowers Accuracy & Focus
  • Dizzy: Lowers Evasion & Resistance
  • Feeble: Lowers Attack & Magic
  • Infiltration: Additional Dmg that is not reduced by opponents stats
  • Regen: Restores Health
  • Vulnerable: Lowers PDF & MDF

Extra Daily Reward: (When reward type is received)
  • Total Levels 10,000: +1 Food
  • Total Levels 20,000: +1 Energy Crystal
  • Total Levels 30,000: +1 Exp Potion
  • Total Levels 40,000: +1 Black Diamond
  • Total Levels 50,000: +1 Vial of Darkness
  • Skills that cause random effects now have a 3% base chance. The max rate has also been increased to 15%
  • Paladin: Blind effect added to Precision
  • Paladin: Precision accuracy bonus changed to +1 per skill upgrade

November 2017 Updates

Cleric Skill: Starlight, Dot skill that increases dmg each round
Fix: Pets can now be leveled up to 204% of your character level if you purchase the Seq BD upgrade for it
Fix: Dot dmg will be always be displayed regardless of the creatures actions
Fix: Combat skills can not be activated while trade skilling

October 2017 Updates

New: Events can now occur during autos in the Chamber of Madness:
Creature Skill:Guardian +40% PDF/MDF
New Title:Madness .5% Exp Boost Per Level
Title Expansion:A new Title has been added to all types
New:T14 Map added to the Chambers of Madness
Explorer Skill: Corrode (PDF Debuff)
Paladin Skill: Dark Side
Wizard Skill: Molten Touch (Additional Dmg to Frozen targets)
Wizard Barrier now has a group dmg reduction effect
Info Ref Link: Use your referral link and become a Patron!
Patron Bonus: When your recruits reach various mile stones you will receive a bonus.
Chamber of Madness: Enter from the Pit in Higrow
Halloween Event: See events and Promo for Details
Jendo Gate: Requires a Bronze Key
Change: Creatures Critical Damage has been reduced
Change: Wizard Frozen effect updated (See upgrades)
Fix: Milestone Cap for Mining/Gathering display corrected
Fix: Stamina Potions description will include bonus auto's from Armis Temple

September 2017 Updates

Pet Market: The first stage of the Market where you can Buy/Sell Pets
Cromos: A new T17 boss that can be summoned via an Ancient Scroll
Ailments: Debuffs that can be applied to the Player or Pet
Jendo Expansion: New areas have been added
New Valley Node: Somewhere in the Valley
New Map: T19 in the passages

August 2017 Updates

New: Bonus Exp system added
New: Advanced Node - Search the Statue in Lava
New: Node - Hole in the Valley
New: Additional Maps added to the Valley
Fix: Prestige HP Bonus correctly applied

July 2017 Updates

New: July Promo Started
Change: Thief - Clover activation rate increased to 5% (Combat Icon added)

May 2017 Updates

New: Demonic Raid Event
New: Ninja Skills: Cloak, Splice
New: Vampire Buff can be obtained when fighting Bloody Creatures
New: Health Potions Fixed, UI updated, Increased Effect, SEQ upgrade added
New: Some Creatures have learned new combat abilities
New: Legendary Creatures (Active Bosses) can now be viewed under Info
New: The Exp Skill can now be upgraded in the AP section
New: 3rd Sequential BD Upgrade added (Exp Skill includes Pet)
Change: The formula and rate have been changed for the Exp Skill (View in AP upgrades)
Change: Explorer Invigor gives party members a boost to all stats
Fix: The siege timer should be corrected when multiple sieges are running

April 2017 Updates

New: AP Skill: Mastery
New: 2 Eden Nodes
New: T2+ Nodes adjusted to contain more rewards
New: T12 Fire Node
New: T20 Forest Node
New: Creatures will randomly become weak to certain attacks (2.5x skill dmg)
New: T20 Forest Map (Woods 2)
New: T4 Map (Hills 5)
New: The Ice Creatures for Tier 22 are now available
New: Relic Shards drop from creatures
New: The creature loot system has been revised to include newer items and more overall items
New: 30 Minutes of Double are granted when the Void Rine Beast is defeated
New: There is a small chance to encounter the Wicked Knight from the Steel Soldier node
New: Elemental Items - Dark Shard, Fire Ember, Ice Crystal, Forest Totem, Sandstone
New: The potion shop UI has been Revamped and includes more items
New: Master of Darkness Title
Change: All Active Skills now includes 12% of your Attack & Magic
Change: Static Charge will activate 25% of the time during Metallic Storms

March 2017 Updates

New: New area Eden through the Tunnel in the Caverns
New: St Patrick's Day Boost
New: The Mega boss Mist Gaurdian will block entry to Eden when spawned
New: Steel Soldier Node in the caverns
New: The level requirement and skill descriptions are in the starter guide under Professions
New: Vial of Darkness, turns regular mobs into stronger dark mobs
New: Master of Darkness, Increases the amount of Dark Mobs per vial
New: Prestige Rank 2, New bonus's are available for classes over level 10,000+
New: Corrosion, This Weapon Upgrade drains the opponents stats
Fix: Skills should only appear for use if you meet the level requirement
Fix: Stats should display correctly on Equipment Upgrades
Fix: Global Boss messages should display the boss names correctly
Fix: Activity Log color display fixed

January 2017 Updates

New Item: Storm Crystal - Will active the Metallic Storm event
Basic Node: Location - Forest & Caverns
Advanced Node: Location - Caverns
Global Event Bloody Moon -
Stack Limit: Special creature types will be limited to 2.
Examples: Hollow - Necro, Dark - Necro Fix: Bronze Key drop on Lava Golems
Fix: Creature Drops/Activity Log items colored

December 2016 Updates

New: All Pets are live
New: Pet Scrolls are 100% Success Rate
New: AP Upgrade: Double Strike has a refund option (the second button)
Change: Black Diamond Auto Upgrades now give 2 per upgrade instead of 1

November 2016 Updates

New Pet: T13 Harpy Demon
New Pet: T16 Desert Cylops
New Pet: T17 Fire Naga

October 2016 Updates

New: Pets Overhaul, UI changes, new Pet Skills
New: Caverns Teleport
New: Try Digging up the Grave in the Caverns
New: Tier Combat Exp added to Diamond Shop
New: 3 New Trade Skill Titles
Change: Trade Skill Titles now add .2% Bonus Exp Per
Change: Lurker's have a 10% Chance to Drop an item
Change: Undead have a 10% Chance to Drop an Energy Crystal
Change: Drop Boost Max increased to 200
Change: Exp Potions have returned to the Diamond Shop
Change: Accuracy & Focus Increase (Min roll changed to 25%)
Change: Skill Activation Revamp
Change: Cleric Heal Formula's Adjusted
Change: Barbarian -.1 PDF -1 HP
Change: Explorer +.1 Acy +.1 Eva +.1 Foc +.1 Res
Change: Wizard -.2 Foc +.1 Acy

September 2016 Updates

New: Tier 21 Mobs Added
New: The Caverns have been expanded along with other world maps
New: Titles have been expanded to Rank 15
New: Dark Title added for T19 mobs
New: Entering Battle Boss Text limited to once per 90 seconds
New: Ninja - Shadow stab Boss Effect Infiltration
New: Thief - Bleed Skill
New: Armis Upgrade: Stamina added
New: Time Freeze (Random buff from Mega Bosses, No Auto loss during)
New: T18 Forest Map, T4 Ancient Sphinx Map
New: Forest Teleport
New: AP Upgrades
Change: Wizard Barrier dramatically increasd (view upgrades)
Change: Most Damage Skills have been signifcantly increased
Change: Creature Critical Damage Reduced
Change: Creature Minimum Damage Reduced

August 2016 Updates

Knight (Nightmare)

  • GOLD: Does inital magic damage and leaves the opponent caught in a nightmare reducing their magic by 8% for 6 rounds
  • EC1: Increases land rate (+1% Focus per upgrade)
  • EC2: A Magic attack capable of draining the opponents Magic

New: T17 (M)Inferno Golem
New: T17 Fire Maps available
New: Info > Profession Bonus (3rd tier added)
New: 3 New TS Milestones
New: Prestige Ranks (Click Prestige in the right menu)
New: BD Updrade - Time Slip (Chance to not consume an auto)
New: BD Upgrade - Decay (Lowers creature HP by .5% per upgrade)
New: Mega Boss - Gorgon
Change: Diamond Exp Boost is now a percent bonus (240% Max)
Change: Chance to spawn Mega Bosses increased
Change: Lurker Milestone +1 Acy/Foc per 75 kills
Fix: Skill effects should only apply on successful hit
Fix: Player & Pet Health should be restored correctly after boss battles
Fix: The Pet View appearance has been cleaned up

July 2016 Updates

New: Skill Expansion:
  • Boss Skills
  • New Regular Skill

Cleric (Wound)

  • (EC) Scar: Increases damage for all players while the debuff is active (20% Land Rate)
  • (BD) Duration: Increases the duration of Scar effect

Explorer (Slash)

  • (EC) Invigor: Increase everyone's skill activate rate
  • (BD) Effect: Further increase the activation rate 10 (+2 per upgrade)

Explorer (Spark)

  • (EC) Stasis: Increase chance to land Shock Statis
  • (BD) Duration: Increases the Duration of Shock Stasis

Paladin (Strike)

  • (EC) A melee attack capable of disrupting creatures special attacks
New: Players can now purchase Global Stamina
New: Title Achievements have been added to the game. (See the Title section for details)
New: Game Info >> Profession Boosts (New UI)
New: TS Milestone: Effective
New: While the Metallic Storm is active Static Charge will do 2x Dmg
Change: All Bosses can now spawn from battling in any tier
Change: Master Vesan now resides in a new map south of the potion shop (forest)
Change: The Stat Panel has been upgraded with new timers
Change: Wizard Barrier duration has been doubled
Change: Wizard Lurker & Ninja Boss Level Bonus Changed to a percent (Max 5%)
Change: Cleric Heal Bonus Doubled (Level * .2) (1,000 Max)
Fix: TS Milestones "on the exact level" now display properly
Fix: The Milestone progress bar will reflect the current goal only
Fix: Sieges should update the new double timer
Fix: Clicking the Center of the Map will Search for creatures
Fix: Equipment Upgrades should not conflict with TSing anymore
Fix: Dead Pets should no longer crit or use decay

June 2016 Updates

New: Quest: Hunters Mark
New: Milestone for Lurkers
New: Eva's Fountain grants buffs
New: Eva teleport added
New: You can now upgrade multiple pet levels at once
New: Drylands area added past Rockies
Fix: Metallic Storm Updated (avail at Armis)
Fix: Jacob's Quest is Back
Fix: The TS Progress bar should not conflict with Upgrades
Fix: Links fixed for I-phone
Fix: Pet Level Up indicator should update correctly on battle/pet level
Fix: Pet Thorn Damage is back
Change: Drop Rate Changes listed in the Starter Guide
Change: Milestone UI Updated
Change: Creatures minimum damage reduces from 25% to 15%
Change: Fury & Rage now affect Attack/Magic

May 2016 Updates

New: Void Solo Path Extended
New: Mega Boss (Abyss Hyrdra)
New: Armis Temple is back with a new UI
New: Armis Option: Boss Percent Dmg
New: Diamond Upgrades: Pet Crit, Crit Dmg, Raw Power added
New: Upgrades: Buff & Armor Added
New: Void Expanded to Rine Beast Pillar
New: Treasure Box Metal/Oil added (scales with TS lvl)
New: Server Hosting!
New: Pets now gain exp in boss fights
New: Theif Skill - Soul Slip added
New: Lava Teleport Added
Fix: Health Potions & Alchemy are up
Fix: Doren Leaf's now drop while gathering
Fix: Other Players now display during boss fights
Fix: Pets Auto Healing in battle corrected
Fix: Flow Turns 1 per battle
Fix: Gaining Souls in combat
Fix: Jendo Node: Searching Boxes
Fix: Equipment Upgrade display corrections
Fix: Boss Exp/Gold (was 1 rnd behind on stat panel)
Fix: Exp Potion added to TS
Fix: All Mastery Points enabled
Change: Treasure Box drops increased
Change: Void extended to 2 Hours
Change: Exp Potions give (+50% Base Exp for 250 Autos)
Change: Bone Crusher / Reaper activation rate
Change: Boss rewards: (Click the boss link in the top right panel)
Change: The bonus from World Boss is now 2x the temple boost
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