Mordor 3 Updates

Feb-March: *New Version* Larger High Quality Maps, Smoother map movement

January: Kick Starting 2015 with New Content, Balancing, and Updates:

  • The Banshee & Minotaur Hero These Bosses add another layer of difficulty and awareness to the game.
  • How it Works They spawn at the same rate as other bosses (Includes Armis Spawn Increase). However, there is no set location. They can spawn at any tile in the same tier as you move across the map. There is no way to escape theses Bosses once you encounter them.

  • Crit Buff Critical Buff add to training hall.
  • Armis Autos You can now upgrade the maximum Auto count for all players by donating souls at Armis Temple.
  • Tool Tips A new style of tool tip has been added. You will find these starting with Inventory
  • Treasure Chests These have been updated to a 5 Tumbler System. Each chest contains 5 bins each with it's own reward and difficulty.
  • Ethereal Stone These new stones will take you a new place. Read the description under inventory for full details.
  • Rebalance Creatures Hp Lowered, Higher Dmg & Eva/Acy.
  • New Buff Crit Rate Buff has been added to the Training Hall.
  • Drop Rate Tiers Energy Crystal T5+ -- Black Diamond T6+ -- Bronze Keys T7+ -- Ethereal Stone T8+
  • Drop Rate Scaling: The Starting Drops Rates are lower, however each Tier has a small increase.
  • Energy Crystals: These are intended for active buff starting with Regen. If you get into a nasty fight you can activate these premium buffs (they will consume energy crystals).
  • Training Hall: New User Interface -- Stat Points, Buffs & Energy Skills available
  • New Maps: Jendo T13 -- More to come.
  • Energy Field: The infuse energy event now gives the boss flow buff, it's (Armis Boost * 2). Roman's quest was also updated to * 5.
  • New Creatures: General Spawn, Bosses, Champions, & Lords
  • Improvements: Full screen matched UI, new tables & formatting.
  • Appearance: Gradient Coloring for Champions, Forest, Sand, Ice.
  • Sieges: All Sieges can be ran concurrently and are displayed in the Buff Section.
  • Drop List: A basic drop table was added.
  • Messages: Main button added for private messaging.
  • Feast of the Champion: Fixed Location Champion's Spawn 30 minutes after defeat. All Champion have a 3% chance to Drop a Black Diamond. Actively playing will spawn far more random Bosses and moving locations to kill all the Champions in the area will be much more worthwhile.

New Combat UI: The new battle interface is live and includes a Summary to show drops and Mastery Points. The buffs have been condensed so you may stack several. There may be an upgrade that increases the maximum concurrent buffs. There are currently only 2, but that will change soon as they are fairly simple to add.

Training Hall Revamp: The menu for the training hall is being updated and will include upgrades for buffs. The buffs may be upgraded for A:Duration (1 second per point) B:Chance (Activates more often) C:Power (More Exp, Crit Rate, etc)

The Emporium UI is also being updated.


A new random boost will randomly appear granting 3X Exp boost for 100 seconds.

A Cold December: The chilling winds of December bring a new territory to Mordor -- The Ice Valley. For some unknown reason this frozen territory is directly connected to a barren desert located North of Dragonstone. Many clues and a storyline await those willing to explore the depths. However, this place is not suited for the frail. The Creatures start at Tier 14 and progress.

Jendo Siege: This new Siege has 3 Stages with 9 new Creatures. A time element has also been added to all sieges. Each Siege has it's own time range based on the difficulty of the Siege. If the Siege is not completed within the time limit the Siege will end usually resulting in the Creatures conquering the territory.

Random Boosts: These boosts are activated randomly in combat. They will become upgradable in the future with Gold & New Item Drops which will be Area Based. Ice Valley will supply one type of upgrade while the Fire Pit will provide another etc. The boosts have set timers which may vary in length. This timer will expire whether in combat or not.

Noteable Changes:

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